Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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Manali Tour Package

MANALI is a prominent hill attraction in northern India, which was formerly referred to as "the end of the livable world," is the vacation hotspot for hundreds and thousands of visitors every year. For those who are seeking refuge from the scorching heat of the well known Indian summer might find it in this place because of its pleasant climate. Manali is well-known for a variety of adventurous activities, including skiing, hiking, climbing, paragliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. The town also has a number of locations to visit for tourists interested in sightseeing. In a nutshell, Manali, also known as the original "valley of the Gods," is the kind of destination that's perfect for those who are looking for both excitement and relaxation. It is a location of expansive valleys, world-class scenery, a variety of delicacies, kind people, with ancient and rich cultural values, and amazing architecture, all of which attract explorers from all over the globe.

Cost Per Person

₹ 37,000

₹ 30,000

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Itinerary of Expedition

Today after you have checked into the hotel and gotten settled, we will take you on a half-day tour of Manali's local attractions. Firstly, we move in the direction of the "HADIMBA TEMPLE". It was constructed in 1553 and has an intricately carved gateway in addition to a pagoda roof with four levels and exceptional craftsmanship. "CLUB HOUSE '' gives you wonderful opportunities for a day trip, which may be found at the Club House, which has extensive amenities such as a roller skating rink, an auditorium, billiards rooms, a library, a bar, and a restaurant. The Tibetan Monastery, Van Vihar, and "VASHIST" are all well-known for their hot springs, which are reputed to be excellent in alleviating joint pain and skin allergies. These springs are rich in minerals such as Sulphur. There are further ancient temples that were built in honour of the wise men Vashisth and Lord Rama. Later in the afternoon, we make our way back to the hotel in Manali, where we spend the night. The Hadimba Devi Temple, the Club House, the Manu Temple, the Van Vihar, the Tibetan Monastery, and the Vashisht Hot Spring are some of the highlights.

Following breakfast, we will get into the car and go in the direction of Kothi. Along the path that leads to Solang Valley is a pond known as the Nehru Kund, which is fed by a fresh water spring and owes its name in honour of the late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. As you continue driving, you will come across the beautiful hamlet of Kothi, which is located 12 kilometres ahead of Nehru kund and is surrounded by meadows and rich forest. Kothi is well-known for its attractive settlement as well as its breathtaking vista of the Deep Gorge, which the quickly moving Beas River passes through. At this time, there are a number of zip lines that allow passengers to soar over the deep gorge. After that, we make our way down to Solang and spend some time visiting some wonderful points of interest there. Solang is a wide meadow that slopes into the woods at the backside and is surrounded on all sides by massive mountain ranges. It often stuns one with its overwhelming joys. Skiing, paragliding, zorbing, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle rides, and even a ropeway that takes visitors to higher elevations in the mountains are some of the exciting activities that are available. Following our time at each location, we make our way back to the hotel.

Notable attractions include Nehru Kund, Kothi, and Solang Valley.

Today, we will be driving through the magnificent natural woods and the clusters of villages that are held peacefully in the backgrounds of  Manali valley. The first thing that will happen is that we will depart for Naggar, and once we are there, we will go to a few of the popular attractions that are found there, such as the Naggar Castle, the Roerich Art Gallery, some of the ancient temples that are located across the road, and the most exciting activity, which is called Ziplining. In between we will check into our hotel in Nggar. Following that, we will start driving in the direction of Jana village, which takes us through a rather beautiful path through lush foliage to the highlands of Jana village, which are ready to be seen. Paddy fields, traditional homes, and a crowd of kind locals all waiting to give each newcomer a warm welcome may be found in the areas that are connected. When you continue to drive beyond 2,000 metres, the scenery reveals its immensity by revealing innumerable communities that have been inhabited in the adjacent valleys. Jana is a well-populated community that has an idyllic environment and ancient architecture that is flawless and is admired by every traveller that comes here. Jana is also well-known for the delicious regional cuisine it serves. There are a number of restaurants in the area that focus on serving regional specialties including red rice, siddu, rajmah, saag, and other dishes. The cuisine that is provided at this establishment used to play a significant role in the local diet; however, "progress" and the search for more efficient methods to earn money have resulted in fewer people eating the traditional meals of this region. Formerly self-sufficient agrarians, the locals had transformed their paddy fields into commercial crops such as apples, which finally led them to depend on supplies from the outside for their day-to-day needs. We will pass the time by eating excellent meals, chatting, and generally brightening the atmosphere. After lunch, we will get back on the road and go back to our stop in Naggar.

Features not to be missed include a zipline, an art museum, Naggar Castle, Jana Waterfall, and traditional regional food.

We will continue on to Manikaran, a well-known pilgrimage destination that is home to distinctive marketplaces, steaming sulphur springs, and a Gurdwara that is surrounded by rugged mountains. We will stop along the way to see the Vaishno Devi Temple, the impressive Gurudwara, and the religious Ram Temple (Consists of Extremely hot Water spring which can boil Rice, Dal etc within 5 min which impresses each & every Visitor). Manikaran is situated at a respectable distance, requiring an expedition lasting the whole day. The roads in the Manikaran valley are often congested with incessant traffic, which may cause one to get trapped for many hours. Hence, there is no possibility of evasion along this path, other than choosing the appropriate time to go. The pilgrimage is sure to be crowded with people of various spiritual persuasions, travellers from other countries, and even some scummy tourists. One of the many regions in this area that are home to natural hot springs may be found right here. We are going to have a wonderful time, and then we will go back to Naggar. Spend the night at our comfortable hotel.

Today is the perfect day to participate in one of the many exciting outdoor activities that are available in the valley, such as river rafting, paragliding, kayaking, and so on. We will go to a number of different places to participate in these thrilling activities, and in addition to that, we will go to a number of significant monasteries and temples located all across the valley. It is up on the wants of the individual to go about and have fun in the lovely Kullu Manali region. During the journey, we will also stop at a few of the classic clothing manufacturers that are located along the highway. Visit the local marketplaces and look for Pashmina shawls and other handloom and handcrafted items to bring back as mementos. When the day has passed, we will begin the journey back to the hotel.

A tour to the shawl factory and paragliding, rafting, and kayaking were the highlights of this trip.

As a result of the weariness that would be caused by travelling all throughout the area, we have decided to take today off to relax. Spend the day at your leisure doing anything you choose, whether it be lounging around or taking a stroll around the picturesque location. Spend a night in hotel rooms.

On this day, the group will disperse and go their own ways to their respective locations of choice. We will drive you to Manali, where you will be able to choose to either stay the day or take a mode of transportation that will return you to your place of residence. We really hope that your visit with us was enjoyable and that you will come back for another adventure with us in the near future.

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➽ Things to Carry

  1. T-shirts
  2. Windproof jacket, Jacket stuffed with down, ideally one that has a hood
  3. Fleece, which is warm and dense.
  4. Sweater made of wool with full sleeves
  5. Thermoregulating undergarments (upper & lower).
  6. Accessories made of wool, including a woollen hat, woollen gloves, woollen socks, and ordinary socks (3-4 pairs).
  7. a Balaclava, a woollen hat, or a scarf or silencer (the latter two are optional).
  8. Towel with a Low Weight (1 unit).
  9. Toilet Paper (plenty).
  10. Wet-Tissue Papers (plenty).
  11. Floaters, sandals, or slippers that are not too heavy
  12. A container for water.
  13. Sunscreen Lotion.
  14. Use a cap to shield the harsh rays of the sun from your face, Sunglasses.
  15. Medications (if required any specific drug) (if requiring any particular medication).
  16. Personal hygiene products.
  17. You should have a day pack or another compact backpack that you can sling over your shoulder and carry with you wherever you go.
  18. A camera with its batteries fully charged.


➽ How to Reach

How to reach Manali:

Delhi and Manali are linked nicely. You may travel from Delhi to Manali in 12 to 14 hours via overnight bus (approx 540 KMS). Online ticket reservations are available at and Tip: Given the distance between Delhi and Manali, the majority of Volvo private buses depart Delhi between 5 and 8 p.m. At 8.30 p.m., the final government bus departs from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 1,800 are charged by Volvo buses each sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Delhi to Manali: Buses depart from Manali for Delhi between 4 and 8 p.m., same like the return trip. You should expect to arrive in Delhi any time between six and ten in the morning. Plan your subsequent trips just after midday, leaving ample time for bus delays.

 How to reach Naggar:

Naggar is 18 kilometres from Manali, and there are several buses that operate every 15 minutes. Alternatively, one may get out at Patlikuhal, which is 5 kilometres from Naggar on the right bank highway. Between Kullu and Manali is Patlikuhal. To get to Naggar, you may take a cab or a local bus from Manali or Patlikuhal.

The closest train station is:

Ambala (350 miles) and Chandigarh are the closest railway stations (310 kms). Advice: From Chandigarh to Manali, regular buses and Volvos run in the evening. Volvo buses from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa charge between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,200 every sector.

The closest airport:

The closest airport to Manali is Bhuntar, which is 52 kilometres distant. From Bhuntar to Manali, taxi services are available and cost between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2,500. Air travel between Bhuntar and Delhi is convenient. Airlines providing flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu include Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, MDLR Airlines, and Jagson Airlines.

➽ Trip Cost Includes

  1. Transportation by Alto for a pair, including pick-up and drop-off as well as sightseeing as specified in the schedule.
  2. Hotel accommodations on the basis of two people sharing a room.
  3. 6 morning meals and 6 evening meals provided by the hotel.
  4. Throughout your stay, you will have access to vegetarian cuisine options.
  5. The hotel's meal plan will be followed for all of the supplied meals.
  6. A vehicle without air conditioning, for sight-seeing purposes.
  7. all expenses associated with driving, including toll taxes, state taxes, and parking fees.
  8. Apple juices/Tea on arrival.

➽ Trip cost Excludes

  1. 5% GST
  2. Any airline or rail ticket.
  3. all costs associated with participating in non-required activities, such as trips and adventure sports.
  4. Anything of a more personal nature, such as tips and washing.
  5. Any extra meals, such as lunch or fast food, that are not vegetarian.
  6. any admission fees, such as those required by museums, monuments, or natural parks.
  7. During days of leisure, a vehicle service is provided for sightseeing that is not included in the agenda.
  8. Any costs that are incurred as a result of unanticipated events, such as a flight being delayed, cancelled, or having its fee increased; a strike; any other kind of natural disaster; or any costs associated with an emergency evacuation.
  9. Camera/Guide charges.
  10. everything that isn't specifically specified in the inclusions.
  11. Any kind of travel insurance or medical certificate is acceptable.
  12. Bedding made of flowers for honeymooning couples.


➽ Terms & Conditions

  1. The cancellation of a booking is subject to the policies and procedures of the hotel, and our service fees will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in the event of a cancellation.
  2. Any rescheduling of the event will be considered a cancellation and will be subject to the availability of the venue.
  3. About the Manali Court's Jurisdiction.
  4. Room Only (EP), Room Plus Breakfast (CP), Room Plus Breakfast (MAP), and Room Plus All Meals (AP) are the many types of room and meal packages available.
  5. After a package has been verified, there are no further changes that may be made.
  6. We retain the right to move a client to a hotel of comparable quality in the event that the customer's preferred accommodation is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.
  7. Prices are subject to change at any time and without previous notification.
  8. In the event that you need to cancel your hotel stay or vacation package, you will not get a refund.
  9. In the event that a reservation for a hotel or vacation package is cancelled, the booking money will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  10. Himalayan Adventure Tours is a registered company with the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department; nevertheless, the company will not be held liable for any loss or damage to a person's life or body or property. If there is any type of problem that arises while you are on tour, you are required to inform us about it while you are still on tour so that it may be fixed. After the trip has ended, we are no longer responsible for providing any form of refund.
  11. It will vary from hotel to hotel in Himachal Pradesh how much you have to pay for amenities like a heater in your room. There are several hotels that also provide their services at no cost. But, "Himalayan Adventure Tours" will not guarantee any services of this kind without first receiving prior notification.
  12. The air conditioner will not run when on hills.
  13. The check-in and check-out times will both be at 12 AM; however, if a guest need a room earlier than that, the hotel will accommodate them based on availability.
  14. Regarding your personal possessions, I ask that you use extreme caution when travelling.
  15. In the event that adverse weather occurs in Himachal Pradesh, we will not be responsible for providing any form of refund.
  16. Under Volvo tours, the pickup service from the airport or station to the bus point as well as from the bus point to the hotel is not included.


➽ When to Book

  1. It is recommended that reservations be made at least two months in advance wherever possible. But, if you want to get a decent discount on your domestic or international ticket, we suggest planning your vacation at least five months in advance. This will allow you to choose from more flight options. (If you need to make a reservation at the last minute, please get in touch with us.)
  2. Written notification of the cancellation of trek or adventure activity services owing to any cause, preventable or otherwise, must be sent to us in the event that the cancellation occurs. Cancellation fees will be assessed beginning on the day that we are notified of the cancellation in writing. The cancellation fees will be calculated as follows:
  3. At least sixty days before the date of departure, you will be charged fifty percent of the entire amount.
  4. Cancellation made 45 days or more before to travel will result in a 60 percent refund. The sum that was paid in advance will be lost.
  5. If you cancel your reservation between 15 and 30 days before your trip, you will be charged 70 percent of the total package fee.
  6. If you cancel your reservation less than 15 days before your scheduled departure, the full cost of the package will be charged to your credit card.
  7. In the event that there is no show, the whole reservation will be cancelled.


➽ Cancellation due to Visa Rejection

  1. Every single customer who is participating in a trip must be in possession of a current and valid visa. Nevertheless, we would ask that you please note that even after providing all of the necessary papers, the decision to issue or deny a visa is solely at the discretion of the respective Consulate or Authority, and the firm will not be held responsible for the outcome of this process. The corporation bears no responsibility for such occurrences and does not have any bearing on the decision made by the consulate or embassy. The only responsibility of the organisation is to provide any advice or direction that may be required by the customer in order to successfully apply for a visa. In the event that the firm receives papers from customers that are either incomplete or late, the company will not be held liable for the non-issuance of visas.  
  2. It is possible that the consulate may request that the passengers come for a personal interview with one of its representatives. This is something that is entirely up to the discretion of the Consulate or the Authorities. In the event that the customer does not provide the necessary documentation, the issue of the visa will be further delayed or refused, and the customer will not be able to hold Himalayan Adventure Tours responsible for this. The client is responsible for abiding by all of the guidelines and criteria outlined by the consulate or embassy. If the customer's visa application is denied and they desire to reapply for it, the client is responsible for paying the required cost to the consulate again, and they will not be able to make a claim against Himalayan Adventure Trips for reimbursement.
  3. Loss/Damage: The company is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur to a person's personal goods while staying in a hotel or while travelling in a coach provided by the company. In the event that a tour participant's luggage is stolen or lost, they have the option to file a complaint with the relevant local authorities at their own discretion, expense, risk, and consequences.


➽ Refund Policy

  1. Refunds, if any, for variations, modifications, amendments, alterations, and/or cancellations etc. of any tour will be paid directly to the guest by 'A/C payee' cheque, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India. This is the case regardless of whether the payments for the tour in part or in whole were made in a foreign currency.
  2. Within 15 days of the cancellation date, refund payments will be handled, and the amount that is due will be determined by the cancellation policy.
  3. There will be no reimbursement given for the following circumstances, regardless of the cause: any services of the trip, including meals, that are skipped or not utilised.
  4. In instances where the whole deposit has to be paid in advance to the relevant authorities in order for the Business to be able to confirm the reservation
  5. In the event that any of the tour's included services are altered, changed, revised, or skipped entirely during the trip.
  6. In the event that any visitor chooses to and/or is obliged to cancel the trip as a result of any modifications made to the regulations by the relevant Government, the deposit will be refunded in full.
  7. Where individual airline tickets for I-Fly departures are bought in large quantities.
  8. In the event that the trip is forced to be postponed permanently due to a natural disaster, political unrest, or any other unexpected misfortune, a full refund will be given.
  9. Since flight tickets are non-refundable and date changes are not permitted, refunds are not available for the portions of the Indian and World tours that include travel by aeroplane.


➽ Special Casual Leaves

Government employee can avail the benefit of special casual leave when u join us for a trekking expedition. As per the rule of the pay commission, special casual leave can be availed for up to 30 days in a calendar years for trekking and mountaineering expeditions through a register organization. Himalayan adventure trips are a register adventure tour operator register with Indian mountaineering foundation and Himachal Pradesh tourism. Candidates have to apply for leave at least 30 days before the trek/expedition start.





➽ Provided By The Customers

Climbing Hanuman Tibba in August 2019 with Good Company
In the company of Hat, Sameer, Arun, and I climbed to the summit of Hanuman Tibba (at an altitude of 5932 metres). With Shera at the helm as the chief guide, along come Vishal, Panna, and Jaggi, who work together to form a tight-knit, effective, and amiable unit. The majority of our time was spent in a high-quality 4-person tent; the given gear was not brand new but adequate, with the exception of a few small difficulties with one of the sleeping bags. Both the meal and the hot beverages were delicious. Manu was simple to get in touch with before to our adventure, and he answered all of our questions (there weren't many) thoroughly. Basically, my time spent on adventure with Himalayan Adventure Trips was both personally rewarding and professionally enriching.

Professor Atul Deokar, Ph.D.

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