Manali Chandratal Jeep Safari

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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Manali Chandratal Jeep Safari

A journey through the regions of seductive grandeurs of the dry and harshest natures of Spiti valley is an interesting approach to tour about one of the most desolate destinations in Northern India. It is the quickest route to reach huge elevations in environments completely different from one another, amazing pathways, and an Emerald Lake that is lapped by rugged mountain ranges. The journey is marked by a continuous alteration of the landscape, which finally brings the traveller to a desolate location and displays it all over the valley. Instead of travelling to the remote region of Leh and Ladakh, you will be making the voyage to the freezing deserts of Spiti. The craggy rocks and jagged peaks that may be seen all across Spiti contribute to the area's unique and imposing allure. The countryside is bleached with white and grey, and the journey brings you through terrible weather conditions to the realm of marvels known as "Spiti," which is more of a part of the region known as "Little Tibet." Because of its steep approaches, vacillating climatic conditions, and remarkable scenery, the Spiti valley is quickly becoming a favourite trip destination amongst travelers and explorers. This is because the Spiti valley is considerably more intriguing than the renowned Leh Ladakh.

Exploring Spiti is an exciting adventure, but the region's roads are so treacherous that only 4x4 vehicles are allowed. In order to get about, you will need to rent a car. On this route, both the road and the weather may change in an instant, and the trip itself can be uncertain as a result. Our journey comes to a close at the enchanted Chandartal Lake, a lake in the form of a crescent moon that is the source of the Chandra River. It is a vast lake filled with pure water that has a width of approximately three kilometres and is bordered on all sides by enormous mountains that are covered in snow, scree, stone, and sand. The lake acquires a spiritual significance as a result of the connected area and the pilgrims who go there to pray before walking around the lake. A person who is seeking for an adventurous weekend in the Himalayas can find that this tour is the ideal way to spend their day. The excursion is an option for those who want to see the world’s natural grandeur first-hand. Make your reservation for the world-famous Manali Chandratal Jeep Safari right now!!

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➽ Itinerary of Manali Chandratal Jeep Safari

After arriving in Manali, take care of any outstanding paperwork, and then get ready for an exhilarating journey through the Rohtang Pass. The verdant slopes of Manali will be far behind us as we make our way towards the barren landscape of Spiti. After a time, when you get to a place named Gramphoo, make a right turn. Following that comes the tough landscape packed with grit, and there are many rivers spread out over the road. As we make our way to Chandartal Lake, we will make a few pit stops along the way at Chhatru, Chota and Bada Dara, Baatal, and finally Chandartal. After a few kilometres' drive in front of Baatal, there is a deviation; going left will take you towards the lake, while going right will take you to Kunzum Pass and on to more established inhabitations. It is a dangerous route that requires many hours of riding merely to cover a little distance of a few kilometres. As we get closer to the lake, we pass a number of camping areas that have been set up to accommodate travellers who use this route to go to and from the lake. The lake is just a few kilometres away from the camping area, and the roads terminate around one kilometre before the lake's premises. We are going to park our car at the very end of the road and then have a leisurely stroll for a while. When the green lake does finally show up, it fills one with excitement and anticipation. In the heart of the arid mountain ranges lies a big glacial lake that contains only fresh water and is over three kilometres wide. It is considered to be a holy and spiritual site for those houses that are associated with it, just like any other sacred sight for Hindus. The lake is walked around by the pilgrims, but anybody who comes to the location may do so as well. A walk of roughly two to three hours is required to complete the circuit. We are going to spend some quality time hanging out around the lake, and then we are going to go back to the campsites. Tents are going to serve as our lodging for the night.


This morning, get up early so you may catch the dawn and see the wonderful hues of light that contrast over the mountains and the barren plains. See the beauty of the morning, fill your stomach with a hearty meal, and get ready to go back to Manali. On our way back, we shall follow the same hard path via Spiti. The journey will be over by the afternoon, at which point one is free to shop to one's heart's content at the Mall or to explore other parts of Manali. As we get closer to Manali, our journey will come to an end here. At this point, the tour group will split up, and individuals will be free to decide if they want to remain in Manali or not.


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➽ Preparation for Manali Chandratal Jeep Safari

As you are aware, any alpine travel requires careful preparation, planning that allows for appropriate pliability in terms of monitoring and responding to conditions, and holding all of this together by conquering challenges to the mind, body, and spirit during the great Himalayan trek.

Hence, in order to prepare for your JEEP SAFARI from Manali to Chandratal, here are some things to keep in mind:

⦿ Physically – When it comes to your body, a journey requires a lot of stamina, therefore in order to be in shape for it, you should start working out at least a month before you enrol in a programme. Run often and engage in other forms of exercise on a daily basis in order to build up the necessary strength in your legs and improve your endurance. Put down the cigarette and strengthen your lungs by completing breathing exercises on a regular basis twice a day; this will help you acclimatise to the environment while also making you more robust on the hike. Participate in a variety of cardiovascular workouts such as yoga, playing sports outside, and others.

⦿ Mentally – The mental preparation that is necessary for a journey is just as essential as the physical training that is required for it. Take some time to enjoy your regular activities, focus on your health, get enough of rest, and de-stress before signing up for a hike. Do not put undue mental strain on yourself by making unwarranted predictions about the journey. Spend time with your closest pals to invigorate yourself and clear your head. Since pre-trek expectations are not worth considering because once you start the journey and meet the rest of the pack, you will feel encouraged and excited. The mental preparation will increase as the journey progresses through all of the situations. And the mental effects of the physical difficulties will be felt. Thus, pay particular attention to different sections of the body, and while you hike, make a deliberate effort to relax those portions. As you are hiking, you should make an effort to relax your body, particularly your hips. Consider each stride you take on a meandering downhill route or a steep slope to be a part of a simple dance, and appreciate the natural rhythms that the landscape and your body may establish together if you go with caution. Explore a variety of approaches to walking as a strategy for finding satisfaction in the activity beyond the achievement of a predetermined objective. Enjoying one's journey and avoiding mental strain are the two most important factors in maintaining mental fitness.

⦿ Technically-In a technical sense, you should fit yourself with trekking shoes that are the appropriate size and then walk with them. Usage 60ltr. Carry around a backpack with some weight in it as part of your regular routine so that you may become acclimated to carrying heavy weights. Invest on a hiking stick, a water bottle, some toasty socks, some thermals, some fleece, some feather jackets, some pants, a poncho, some flip-flops, and some technological equipment like a power bank and a camera (DSLR or digital camera).



➽ Things to Carry

  1. Shoes: You should bring along a pair of athletic shoes since they are not only lightweight but also comfy while you are driving.
  2. Clothing: You will need to have three-layer coats, fleece, or a down feather jacket in order to keep warm. Bring one or two t-shirts with long sleeves. Carry pants made of cotton that are appropriate for chilly weather.
  3. Thermals: Bring both top and bottom thermals with you just in case.
  4. Socks: Bring along one pair of athletic socks in addition to a pair of woollen socks that may be worn when sleeping.
  5. Sunglasses: In order to shield your eyes from the sun's rays while you're outside in the snow, you'll need sunglasses that block UV radiation.
  6. Since the weather is going to be chilly, you should also bring a woollen cap and gloves.
  7. Use moisturising creams, sunscreen, or vaseline to shield your skin from the damaging effects of the environment.
  8. Toiletries
  9. Documents that need to be submitted include:
    a)the Registration Form;
    b) Medical Certificate that has been signed by a registered MBBS doctor; and
    c)the NOC form (by trekker)


➽ How to Reach

How to reach Manali:

Delhi and Manali are linked nicely. You may travel from Delhi to Manali in 12 to 14 hours via overnight bus (approx 540 KMS). Online ticket reservations are available at and Tip: Given the distance between Delhi and Manali, the majority of Volvo private buses depart Delhi between 5 and 8 p.m. At 8.30 p.m., the final government bus departs from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 1,800 are charged by Volvo buses each sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Delhi to Manali: Buses depart from Manali for Delhi between 4 and 8 p.m., same like the return trip. You should expect to arrive in Delhi any time between six and ten in the morning. Plan your subsequent trips just after midday, leaving ample time for bus delays.

 How to reach Naggar:

Naggar is 18 kilometres from Manali, and there are several buses that operate every 15 minutes. Alternatively, one may get out at Patlikuhal, which is 5 kilometres from Naggar on the right bank highway. Between Kullu and Manali is Patlikuhal. To get to Naggar, you may take a cab or a local bus from Manali or Patlikuhal.

The closest train station is:

Ambala (350 miles) and Chandigarh are the closest railway stations (310 kms). Advice: From Chandigarh to Manali, regular buses and Volvos run in the evening. Volvo buses from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa charge between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,200 every sector.

The closest airport:

The closest airport to Manali is Bhuntar, which is 52 kilometres distant. From Bhuntar to Manali, taxi services are available and cost between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2,500. Air travel between Bhuntar and Delhi is convenient. Airlines providing flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu include Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, MDLR Airlines, and Jagson Airlines.

➽ Trip Cost Includes

  1. Transportation throughout the city in a non-air-conditioned Tempo Traveller, Sumo, or Xylo, or any similar transport. (Depending on the Total Number in the Group)
  2. Accommodation on twin/ double/ tripple sharing basis in comfortable hotels/ deluxe camps / Guest Houses as mentioned.
  3. Meals as per the itinerary 1 breakfast 1 dinner.
  4. Tent accommodations in the form of domes and Swiss tents.
  5. Oxygen cylinder.
  6. Cost of the driver as well as the fuel.


➽ Trip cost Excludes

  1. Any meals that were not specifically listed above.
  2. Natures like mineral water, drinks, dried fruits etc.
  3. Throughout the trip, you will have your own personal guide.
  4. Insurance for both medical and travel expenses.
  5. Costs that are incurred as a result of events that are beyond our ability to influence, such as train and aeroplane delays, cancellation, vehicle malfunctions, political disruptions, or any expense emerging due to natural disasters, such as landslides, road obstruction, snowfall, traffic congestion, etc.
  6. GST 5%



➽ Special Casual Leaves

Government employee can avail the benefit of special casual leave when u join us for a trekking expedition. As per the rule of the pay commission, special casual leave can be availed for up to 30 days in a calendar years for trekking and mountaineering expeditions through a register organization. Himalayan adventure trips are a register adventure tour operator register with Indian mountaineering foundation and Himachal Pradesh tourism. Candidates have to apply for leave at least 30 days before the trek/expedition start.



➽ Captured By The Team


➽ Provided By The Customers

Everything about our visit to Prashar lake was better than we could have imagined. From our initial contact with Himalayan Adventure Trips, we felt their genuine interest in learning about our group's goals and expectations, and our travels with them reinforced at every turn that they not only understood our requirements but also have the acute skill and expertise to achieve them. Having already had such a wonderful experience with this firm, I will be promoting a trek to Prashar lake to all my friends who share my passion for hiking and will specifically recommend that they work with this outfit. Absolutely fantastic; I have nothing but praise for it.

Akshay Nanda

I went on the Prashar Lake Trek with Himalayan Adventure Trips with some friends; it was our first trek, and we had a great time because of the beautiful scenery and convenient location. We owe a debt of gratitude to Manu, who organised the trip.


Visiting Prashar lake was a fantastic experience.

Mr. Manu Sharma

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