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The valley of Kullu Manali is home to a plethora of rivers and streams, making it a prime location for a variety of exciting water-based activities. One of the most popular forms of water recreation available in the valley is rafting, which takes place on the placid waters of Beas River. There are a number of different river rafting locations in between the Kullu Manali highway that either have strong currents or calmer parts that are suitable for beginners. It is a risk-free activity that reveals breathtaking scenery, riverbanks, rough surfaces that splash up and down, and smooth and flattened river currents that are all, in a word, delightful. Depending on the time of year, the water quality in Kullu may be rather different. In the summer, the river reaches levels of difficulty up to grade 4, but in the winter it only reaches levels 2-3. On the other hand, the rainy seasons are avoided or their usage is severely limited since the river currents get up to a dangerous speed at those times. However, throughout the summer and winter, the river current is manageable all the way up to the point where the River Beas and River Parvati meet. Rafting may be completed up to that point with a manageable amount of rapids and discomfort. After you pass the confluence, the rafting becomes more difficult as you navigate grade 3–4 rapids through higher water levels. Because of this, white water rafting may begin at a number of different spots depending on whether one chooses a Short, Medium, or Long propel. During the course of one of the trips, we will transfer you to the greatest pilots the valley has to offer. These pilots will be responsible for ensuring your safety and security while you participate in the water activity. After all, it is a risk-free activity, and we put up events for every form of water sport using the most capable group of experts. Check out our website at www.peakrovers.com  if you are interested in participating in one of our white water programmes. You can also email us at contact@himalayanadventuretrips.com if you have any questions.


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